Tinos is the fourth largest of Cycladic islands in the beautiful Aegean Sea and you always have the certainty that you can come and go whenever your heart desires. Tinos island is ideal for relaxing family holidays. The beaches are calm and sandy, surrounded by many tourist facilities and accommodation. The most traditional villages are located in the inland and they are famous for the picturesque architecture.

Tinos is the third port in passenger traffic in Greece with regular service from two ports in the Attica region. From the Port of Piraeus you reach Tinos in 4.5 hrs by conventional ferry and in 3 hrs by speedboat. From Rafina Port it takes 3.5 hrs with a conventional ferry and 1.5 hrs with a speedboat. We personally suggest departing from Rafina port, not only due to less actual traveling time on sea, but also due to the fact that Rafina port is always less busy from the main hub at Piraeus port.

Even though the island does not have an airport currently, there are frequent ferry connections from Mykonos – that hosts an international airport (30 min trip to Tinos), should you want to combine a quick visit to Mykonos, or if you are not the biggest fan of traveling at sea. There are plans for the launch of a water airport in Tinos and dedicated sea planes from Athens to the island.

Villa Miléia is located in the southern part of Tinos, at Isternia Bay, between the villages of Kardiani and Pyrgos, right below Isternia mountain village just at sea level of the Aegean Sea. The chora of Tinos is 21 km away and amongst others features the magnificent and world renowned Panagia Megalochari Greek orthodox church. You can rent a car or a bike, otherwise, there are frequent bus stops all along the route and at Isternia village. Of course, there is always a taxi service available.