Enchanting yet still unknown to the majority of tourists, this Cycladic island mostly attracts tourists with a high sense of taste and respect towards Arts and Culture. The island of Tinos is the homeland of renowned great artists of marble carving who have been the last famous names to have held the baton of the island’s marble-carving tradition.

According to the legend, the famous sculptor of the ancient times, Fidias, had taught the secrets of his art to the locals. Their admirable craft is displayed in chapels, fountains, arches and dovecots. In the village of Pyrgos the Marble Art Museum is worth a visit as much as the Gallery of Tinian Artists right next to the church of Virgin Mary. Exploring the bright paths of marble and stone, the Cycladic statuettes and the Aegean handicrafts, you come to realize why Tinos is one of the most significant landmarks of art and civilization worldwide. The excellent Giannoulis Chalepas, Nikolaos Gyzis, Dimitris Filippotis, Antonios Sochos, Georgios Vitalis and many other Tinos artists prove that Tinos is fairly considered the island of Artists. Painting, marble sculpture, hagiography, basketry and the art of pebble mosaics are among others some of the most known Tinos crafts! Many shops in Tinos sell traditional handicrafts inspired by the island as well as other local treasures of Tinos civilization.

The amazing island of Tinos, with the beautiful beaches and the 40 traditional villages, or, according to the philosopher Kastoriadis, the “hand-made Tinos”. Tinos is a very interesting place to visit. One can enjoy its unspoiled architecture, its picturesque villages, its beautiful beaches and its traditional culture and way of living that has been going on through the years. The Pan-Hellenic festivities in honor of Virgin Mary on August 15 are accompanied by other festivals like those in Tsiknias and Exombourgo and the gastronomic feasts involving artichoke and raki in Falatados as well as the festival of honey in Kampos. Tinos is the ideal place for nature lovers, architecture, art and tradition, and the perfect answer to the relative expectations.